About Our Company

Our Approach

  • Taratec Consultancy was created in 2001 to┬ádeliver┬áboth business and technical consultancy. Our aim is to ensure that clients become more efficient and competitive through the use of technology-enabled business change. Bringing this knowledge to bear on real-world problems allows us to advise on large, complicated business systems that operate within complex technical environments.

    We have a track record in both public and private clients and have specialised in the delivery of public sector transformation, delivered via a holistic approach to architecture.

Our People

  • With over 20 years of experience of digital and IT delivery we have operated in both public and private sectors, covering a spread of technology, consulting and strategy roles and numerous delivery methodologies including significant digital and agile experience.

    Our team acts as the interface between the customer and IT, having a proven track record for both helping the business understand the art of the possible but also in successfully translating those requirements back to delivery teams and shaping the solution architecture.

    We have led the design and development of enterprise business solutions across many sectors such as finance, intelligence, law-enforcement and defence and as such have developed skills in multiple technologies and delivery methods.


  • Agile Consultancy

    Need help understanding how agile can help your business deliver better for less?

  • Cloud

    Switching to the cloud? What does it mean for your business.

  • Architecture

    Let us help you understand how technology can help link the processes together.

  • Roadmaps

    We can help you understand your business roadmap and how to implement change.

Agile Business-led Architecture

Delivered by people, underpinned by technology